"Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not
  your greatest fear."
-Jane Weideman


Kelli Kelli Kelli

"Midwifery is at the center of my heart and my life. It is a dimension of mothering that is fundamental to me and in that sense it defines my life and directs my focus. The desire to help women understand that they are capable and should be involved in every aspect of the birth of their child is what moves me out of bed in the middle of the night, moves me out of the family gatherings and moves me to support them during the single greatest event in their life. Despite the cultural message that our bodies don't work, that being separated from our babies is a normal practice, that babies don't remember, that breastfeeding is not necessary, I have an overwhelming belief that truly experiencing birth is worthwhile. Women can & do successfully birth their babies naturally and then quickly determine that yes, there is a better, safer, more fulfilling way to give birth. I have a deep respect for birth as an emotional and physical process...babies should not be delivered, they should be caught."

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