"Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not
  your greatest fear."
-Jane Weideman


Shanna Shanna Shanna

"I believe in a woman's instinctual ability to give birth. If left to herself, with the strong presence of her loved one & her midwife, she will know just what to do. It is only with the presence of fear and the unreasonable restrictions of our modern birth culture that she is predisposed to fail. I can whole-heartedly say that God's design for childbirth is perfect and if a woman can trust in that alone she will be more than able to naturally labor & birth her baby. My desire is to see women become the authority on their own bodies, to throw away the thought process that 'He's the doctor, he knows best' and to see themselves as confident & capable women who can & should listen to their own bodies' wisdom."

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